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Ayce [Accelerate your Coaching Effectiveness]

Coaching skills and effectiveness made visible and measurable.

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What's Ayce?What is Ayce?

Ayce (Accelerate your Coaching Effectiveness) is a web-based system used by coaches worldwide to evaluate coaching programs.

FeaturesThree Features

Two-way evaluation between coach and client

Both the coach and the client respond to evaluation questions about the coaching sessions.Examining both results allows for verification of whether they share a common understanding, contributing to any necessary course-corrections for future sessions.

Feedback on the involvement of the coaches and the coaching process

Ayce primarily consists of items pertaining to the involvement of coaches with the client as well as the processes of the coaching.By receiving feedback not only on the results but also on the involvement and stance of the coaches, it helps them to improve their coaching capabilities.

Global-standard evaluations

Ayce provides platforms to coaches worldwide.The items pertaining to coach involvement are based on the core competencies stipulated by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), so they allow you to examine your coaching practices from a global standard.

Survey/Research on coaching

At COACH A, the providers of this service, we disclose the results of our surveys/analyses pertaining to "coaching", "leader development", and "organization development".

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