COACH A Co., Ltd. Ayce [Accelerate your Coaching Effectiveness]

Regarding the coach's coaching (Questions to the client)

Coaching agreement 1 My coach explained the definition of coaching before the start of the coaching engagement. (i.e. purpose, delivery method, difference with consulting and counseling, etc.)
Coaching Skills Encouraging proactive behavior 2 My coach listened to me without interrupting until I finished talking.
3 My coach did not give directions or advice.
4 My coach let me make my own decisions.
5 My coach made me feel safe enough to talk about anything.
Change in perspectives 6 My coach's questions helped me gain new awareness.
7 My coach conveyed his/her observations and feelings to me.
8 My coach's ideas were not imposed on me but broadened my perspective.
Specific goals and actions 9 My coach gave me opportunities to set specific, measurable goals.
10 My coach confirmed my session goals at the start of the session.
11 My coach confirmed my action plan for in between sessions with me.
Goal achievement and level of satisfaction 12 I achieved the goal that was set at the beginning of the coaching engagement.
13 I was satisfied with the coaching engagement.

Regarding improvements as a result of coaching (Question to the client)

Impact from coaching New perspectives 14 Having a clear direction and vision
15 Taking new approaches in doing things
Self-awareness 16 Taking an objective view to understand my situation
17 Knowing the ways to maximize my performance
18 Receiving feedback from others without reacting emotionally
Accountability 19 Becoming accountable in taking actions
20 Setting and working towards goals proactively
Relationship building 21 Working proactively with people that help achieve my goals
22 Finding common ground when my values or opinions are different from others
Greatest impact from coaching 23 Which aspects of your situation have improved the most as a result of coaching?
Feedback and comments 24 Do you have any feedback for your coach or any comments on coaching? Please include them here.